Born and raised in Texas // Loves to worship the King // Married to Tim since 1995 and still in love // Believes that nothing is impossible with God, He goes beyond imagination and fulfills the dreams of her heart // Passionate about cooking, and is always entertaining // Left-handed and slightly OCD // Has two kids, Timothy and Demaris, who are amazing! // Plays the guitar as a hobby // Worshipping with many or a few, loves leading people into His presence, there’s nowhere else she’d rather be! // Raised steers all through high school, loved her half-ton pets and carried her fair share of bales of hay–that’s Texan for you // Hates sewing and is terrible at arts and crafts // Loves to travel and has been on mission trips to Romania, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and the Ukraine // Played the piano since age 9, has been singing on a stage since age 10 // Thinks there’s nothing better than lying on the beach // Would be nothing without the love of Jesus // Kayaks regularly on the San Marcos River // Thrilled to serve with Tim as pastors at Hill Country Church // Writes lots of music/ Tends to be overzealous and dangerously transparent // Enjoys the outdoors and camping // Really likes alone time, that’s when good things happen // Favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

 Life motto: “we are here to change the world.”

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